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66 multifandom icons

36 Grimm icons (+2 alts)
14 Guardians of the Galaxy icons (+1 alt)
8 Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier icons (+1 alt)
3 Arrow icons
1 each of: Defying Gravity, Gavin & Stacey, Hyperdrive, Joan of Arcadia, Reaper

[profile] 20inspiratons set for Grimm season 3


The theme this month was DIY; using no resources in making the icons beyond default brushes, etc. So NO TEXTURES, ahh, my nightmare tbh. But we were allowed to use caps from the same subject as "textures," so, I did some of that. :D It was fun to use screencaps that way actually. I used several caps as "textures" but this cap and this cap in particular kind of became my workhorses. I don't have photoshop so no .psds but I saved my .pspimages (same concept but with Paintshop Pro) & can provide screencaps of my layers if necessary..

In general, the inspiration for this set of icons came from the inspiration icons at the challenge post, and the following song:

another set of Grimm icons from a battle with [personal profile] timetobegin (full battle here)


Guardians of the Galaxy icons from a battle with [personal profile] timetobegin (full battle here)



captain america 2
captain america 2
arrow x3, defying gravity
gavin & stacey, hyperdrive, joan of arcadia, reaper



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