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let's get these out there

Haven't been making many icons lately, so time for a bit of a clean out to dust off the cobwebs!! I've been having screen issues lately so if the colouring seems off in some of these feel free to let me know

Teen Wolf, Limitless
Blindspot, Buffy, Dollhouse, Killjoys, Once Upon a Time
Arrow, The Flash, Shield
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Ohh, these are wonderful! I love the colors on #28-30 and #17, #8 is so funny, and the b/w on #39 is GREAT.
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Yayyyyyy so pretty! Arrow and Killjoys and The Flash and Shield oh my! Also I miss Allison's face. *cries over teen wolf*
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The colours in these are stunning, I especially love the DC and Teen Wolf ones. Grabbed Derek, Iris, and some Jane, thank you!