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tv icons

buffy, doctor who, class, shadowhunters, bsg, emerald city, stargate, farscape, legends of tomorrow & riverdale

doctor who
Doctor Who, Class, Shadowhunters
BSG,Emerald city, stargate, farscape
Legends of Tomorrow
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You haven't lost your touch! These are all so vibrant and pretty and you really do text well.
My favs are 3 and 25, although they're all lovely. :D
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These are so pretty! I especially love 9, 11 and 25. And I'm so happy to see so many old favourites here!
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Ha! That explains the new challenge, then.
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oooh that Anya icon is so soft and pretty! 15, 17, 25, and 26 are perf <3

Yay for posting again :DD
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I have a feeling I'm going to be trawling through your older icon posts so apologies if I flood your inbox! Snagging Mick and some Sara, these are all lovely.
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These are so gorgeous. I love the coloring and lighting in these icons. I'm going to save a whole bunch of them! :-)
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I can't believe I missed commenting on this before I love ones you made for dwstills, especially Rose with the starry background it's so cute & the Pompeii Donna one has beautiful colors! Also love the light blue Nine & Rose ones.